Woking alarms

We install intruder alarms in a broad range of uses that range from a straightforward perceptible only domestic alarm with a couple sensors to big High security commercial assumptions with 500 sensors and completely supported indicating paths.

We provide a 24hr service to contract customers using a maximum of a 4hr response to crises. In addition, we offer all-inclusive contracts to insure any dysfunction of the alarm gear and all call out fees linking to break downs.

A wide variety of Apparatus

A wide variety of discovery devices may be fitted to the alarms some of which are recorded below:

  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Private Assault buttons
  • Motion Detectors
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Safe Limpets

The alarm may be Local Perceptible only alarms which have 108dB Self Activating Bell with built-in strobe and flashing LEDs or we supply several distant signing choices.

The most fundamental isn’t considered distant signing for insurance goals as it dials 3 pre-programmed numbers which can be landlines or cellular telephones yet they aren’t permitted to call the emergency services. There’s likewise an choice to send a text message to a cell phone in case of an alarm activation.

Texecom and Siemens Control Panels are installed ensuring a high standard of dependability

Distant Indicating Alarms

Accurate distant signing choices are recorded below:

  • Digital Communicator – dials up similar to a facsimile sign transmits signals to Observation Station
  • Redcare – Tracks the line 24hrs a day, broadcasts signals using line – no additional call costs
  • Double COM – As previously but uses the Mobile network as the main signalling route

We may also join different Fire alarm panels into our tracking gear to ease phoning the fire brigade in case of an activation. This may be determined by the attributes on the Fire and alarm panels.

Custom Alarm Activities

We can connect a variety of apparatus to the output signals to the alarm panels to activate in case of an alarm. This could range between turning in the outdoor lights to activating a smoke screen to inject smoke into the room to restrict larceny by intruders

As a NSI NACOSS Gold approved and Quality Accredited Business We install and keep all kinds of Intruder Alarms. This additionally includes takeovers and improvements of existing systems installed by other firms.


Camberley alarms

Company Alarms

CCTV installer offer bespoke company burglar alarms which operate efficiently to take care of your company.

An effective alarm security system will behave as a powerful deterrent to intruders, while alarming your staff & authorities should the demand arise.

We use the very latest alarm control gear & detection apparatus offering system flexibility and ease of use. Our company burglar alarm systems are tailored to shield small stores to large industrial premises & offices.

All new alarm setups were created to comply with current European Standards for intruder alarms. A risk assessment is, in addition, undertaken for all new intruder alarm installations to decide on the insurance risk of the entire property. We can offer you a complete quote to set up a fresh alarm system, or to service & keep an existent alarm system you might have.

Alarm Receiving Center

Our company burglar Alarms supply the optimum protection when used together with an Alarm Receiving Centre.

There are many ways of broadcasting the signal from the website to the Alarm Receiving Centre. The process of signing will be contingent on the degree of danger related to the assumptions.

Digital Communicators

Digital Communicators provide an affordable method of carrying signals to an Alarm Receiving Centre. Digital communicators connect to a normal telephone line (PSTN) and in case of an alarm they are going to contact the Alarm Receiving Centre and exchange code info. In the event the telephone line is cut the Alarm Receiving Centre ISN’T notified along with the system reverts to local perceptible indicator only.

DualCom GPRS

DualCom GPRS, from CSL DualCom Limited, is an intruder alarm indicating apparatus which uses both the Vodafone network as well as your phone path to carry intruder and private assault signs at high speed. Once the alarm is verified as authentic, authorities are notified. Utilising two indicating paths ensures that DualCom double-signing will always have a backup path in case of your BT telephone line being cut. DualCom may also be setup to transmit signals by means of a broadband internet connection.

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