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Smoke Security

Installing a smoke security system offers immediate protection of your company premises from breakin & larceny.

The Smoke Cloak security system provides protection in these exposed minutes by creating an impenetrable obstacle of fog to intruders – driving them to leave empty handed.

Smoke Cloak security will not make deposits, it will not damage equipment or clothes, and is safe for people & pets.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our fire alarms are installed by our fully qualified fire alarm engineers utilizing the very latest gear and to the really latest British standards, providing you with total reassurance.

We can set up a wide variety of fire alarm apparatus from non addressable to addressable systems which can supply pin point locations of faults.

At CCTV installer, we can offer a care, upgrade and repairs to all makes of fire alarm systems. We provide our fire and security systems for individuals throughout the region.

We may also install fire suppression systems that will be automatically activated in case of a fire, cutting back the damage resulting from fire.

We work across the Southwest installing and keeping fire systems both national and commercial marketplace.


CCTV systems Woking

High Definition IP CCTV Security System

The following step in the CCTV development has arrived – High Definition IP cameras.

IP (Internet Protocol) cctv cameras can provide high definition image quality. So no more blurry contours on screen…now you can enjoy crystal clear vision in High Definition!

The client:

“I wanted a high quality, dependable and affordable CCTV system installed in my company. CCTV installer Ltd listened to my conditions and talked me through various choices available.

After settling on the most suitable choice, CCTV installer could set up the system when possible with little disruption to my company. The engineers were efficient, finished the setup in good time and were then able to steer me through utilizing the system in simple terms. The entire procedure was really friendly and professional. I’d strongly urge CCTV installer Ltd.”

The NVR is connected to the net so the system’s high definition pictures could be seen remotely from wherever you’re in the whole world on a pc, notebook, tablet PC or just a smartphone, giving you an exceptional management system.

There are just two kinds of IP cameras for cctv systems:

1. Centered IP cameras — these need a central NVR

2. Decentralized IP cameras — don’t demand a central NVR as the cameras record locally via a built in recording function to any conventional storage media like an SD card.

The cameras send and receive data by means of a computer network or the web. This means an IP CCTV system layout could be constructed across the mainframe of an existent computer network keeping installation costs to the absolute minimum.

We’re capable to design IP camera systems to fit your demands. Cameras could be coupled with outside Passive Infra Red (PIR) detectors and set up to send e-mail or SMS alerts direct to a smartphone via the NVR’s movement detection facility to warn of intruder action. The cameras can be linked wirelessly where it might be impossible to use cable.

In addition , we supply a complete and extendable 1 year care and guarantee deal with each setup so that you’ve got peace of mind.

Intercom systems

They’re appropriate for both residential as well as commercial uses.

When attempting go into the property the visitor will need to press a button in the intercom handset that will induce a ring to sound in the building. It’s likely to get a two way dialogue together with the visitor and when joined with an inbuilt video camera you could also see the individual trying to get accessibility.

Once the identity of the visitor was verified a button in the handset may be pressed to permit the caller entry into the building. Free entry for staff may be let via using a proximity card reader or keypad, with no need to make use of the intercom system.

This kind of access control system is typically just used for programs demanding a low degree of security.

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