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The recognisable sound of an alarm system, be it on a home or a car, is an daily event, but with the current environmental controls in place limiting the duration and pitch of the emitted sound, alarm’s are easily dismissed by the majority of folks. This could make your fundamental alarm system blown off in case of a serious issue.

Here at CCTV installer, we consider that you, your family as well as your property should not be blown off at the time you need help the most. We make an effort to maintain your propertys protected, enabling you to feel secure in the knowledge that you’re safe in your house.

Our alarm bundle comes with all you have to secure your house.

Affordable wireless alarms allow for simple setup, we take a big selection of systems for houses of all sizes.

When any of our high end alarms are activated, signs are immediately sent to our monitoring centre, who in case of a true crisis will take suitable actions. With unrivalled intelligence, our alarm systems alert the right people in the perfect time.

Expandability: Wireless alarm systems now contain all of the characteristics of wired alarm systems with the advantage of fast and simple setup.

Security: Our security service isn’t only here to allow you to find the right system for your requirements, we are here to assist you to feel safe in your house.


Security alarms Woking

Complex security systems, intelligently used

We design, install, track and keep securty systems for home owners, companies and public sector organisations and offer them with everything they have to take care of your property and staff from the risk of fire, theft or assault. At the vanguard of technology, we’re always reviewing and analyzing new products to make sure you gain from dependable, cost effective systems that offer actual peace of mind

Intruder Alarms & Setup

Intruder alarms are the most typical system of electronic security. Most additionally stipulate the systems have to be set up by a certified firm. You might also see that in the event the appropriate standards are fulfilled afterward some insurance providers may provide a reduction on premiums.

There are several kinds of intruder alarm system accessible and every installer will have their particular favourite. We’ve selected our variety of panels and sensors predicated on quality, reliability and user friendliness.

Unlike some national firms we’re not tied to one special producer so we are able to offer a broader variety of products predicated on unique conditions.

Remote observation is now an important element of intruder alarms. We’re pleased in order to offer all types of signing accessible, including supported indicating like Redcare GSM & Double Com.

Security Light


Our specialists security system setup as well as care

Well designed, installed and kept security light outside your house or company can help discourage crime. Outdoor security lighting ought to be straightforward though bright, they are sometimes utilized to light secluded spaces of your home or drive.

Security light has detectors and when something activates these detectors the lights will turn on, this could alarm neighbours or individuals in the home of outside action or just create a nicely lit place, removing shadows where burglars can conceal, helping discourage them from your premises.

Security light can’t just help keep your house or company being targeted from offense but also can be an extremely suitable helping to stop injuries on irregular surfaces and allow it to be less difficult to enter your house when it’s dim.

For those who have a CCTV system installed at your house the security lighting can offer significant lighting so that recorded pictures are much clearer.

At CCTV installer, we can counsel you on the most effective option for you as well as your company.

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